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What you can do with TeamLocker....


Take a look through our database of the latest and best-rated products. To receive a quote on an individual item, simply enter your color, artwork and quantity preferences and proceed through checkout. Once we receive your request, we will work with our dealers/decorators to provide you with digital sample concepts, based on your logo, and pricing. All results are uploaded to a custom webpage (or locker) that we build on our website. These digital concepts can be shared with associates and/or stored for future reference. See a sample here.


Each year, more and more products are introduced to the market. For even experienced buyers, wading through such a large pool of options can seem both time-consuming and risky. Take advantage of our 30+ years in the industry to help you make the right decision. With our Product Coach tool, simply answer a few basic questions and we will get back to you with some well-researched options. No order commitment is required. Get started here.


This is convenient feature for buyers who have multiple product requirements and working with an overall budget. Simply enter a little general information about your program and product interest and we will submit your request to TL suppliers in your area. All responses are gathered by us and presented in your locker for you to review and/or share with associates. No cost or order commitment is required. Get started here.


Every three months we upload exclusive product offerings made available from our regional suppliers. These are sport-specific items that are seasonal in nature and only available to registered buyers. All pricing includes artwork, setup and delivery costs. Taxes are extra. Please contact us directly to inquire about registering for this program.


We are building a group of buyers who are passionate about product and would be interested in providing feedback on the latest designs. We work closely with this group to shape and test many of our new products before they are released. If you are an experienced buyer who believes you can contribute to future product generations, please apply here to join.

How are we different....

Digital Quotes

Without leaving home or office, league, school and team buyers can receive quotes from the best suppliers in their state or region.

Order Updates

Using a confirmation number, buyers instantly view the production/delivery status of their order without contacting a rep or customer service.

Exclusive Brands

Our lineup includes original products from both domestic and international suppliers that are only available through TeamLocker suppliers.


We create a customized team locker (web page) for regular customers that can be used to share ideas, collect orders or store quotes/orders for future reference. See sample.

Custom Samples

Digital concepts, including artwork and color specs, are provided before proceeding to the order processing phase. All details are uploaded to the customer’s locker.

Error Reduction

All order information is seamlessly shared between all parties in the transaction. Removing the “relay” of specifications reduces the chance of order error and production delays.

Let us do the work for you.

Where We're Going

Our founding group wanted to follow one rule: Don’t recycle someone else’s business model. We’ve all learned that you rarely win by following the pack. As a result, what has become ingrained in our company DNA is to prioritize what is innovative, turn the conventional upside-down and create dilemmas for the market.

When we sought feedback from team buyers as to how we could make the biggest impact, they steered us towards building a program that serviced the needs of the buyer instead of the seller. So, we went to work. What we came up with is a large-scale partnership; a community of buyers, designers, manufacturers, distributors and dealers who are pulling the industry together through a central online solution.

We’re changing the rules and hope you’ll join us!

Our Focus

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